Spring Tablescape in Green and White

“Spring has returned.  The earth is like a child that knows poems.”  Rainer Maria Rilke


The garden is slowly awakening after its long winter’s sleep. Everywhere shoots of new life are bursting out of the ground, reaching for the sky.  I love everything  about this time of year.   One of my favorite color palettes is tonal greens and whites, symbols of new life and the colors of spring for me.  The subtle variations in the greens and whites are brought out by texture.  And there is no better place than in nature to appreciate greens especially.

The inspiration for this table  setting was my favorite tablecloth:  a small square toile beauty featuring gardening scenes in many shades of soft greens on a creamy background with contrasting edging. It appeals to my French heritage, my gardener’s soul and offers a touch of the exotic with Asian inspired architectural garden structures in the toile art.  That’s a lot of bang in a single tablecloth!

The Centerpiece:

To create the centerpiece,   I walked around and cut whatever was blooming in shades of green and/or white in my garden.  Like when I teach art appreciation to children, I suprised myself with all the blooms I discovered yet had failed to notice in my everyday comings and goings.  Fragrant pieris with its long trusses of snowy white, bell shaped masses of tiny blooms would cascade nicely in a bouquet.  I cut big bunches of hellebores:  creamy green and white Lenten Roses and soft lime colored H. foetidus. ‘Ice Follies’ daffodils would be the stars of the arrangement, their lemony trumpets complementing the tablecloth background.  I decided to arrange my bounty in a creamy white soup tureen that I filled with wet oasis.   Pussy willow branches added whimsy, another shade of white and dimension to the finished bouquet.  You just can’t have a spring bouquet without pussy willow can you?    The forsythia I had cut was too yellow and was discarded.

Clippings from the garden and the soup tureen for a container

Clippings from the garden and the soup tureen used as a container.

The finished arrangement.

Once I was done, I felt the centerpiece needed to be elevated to best appreciate the blooms.  Many of these flowers have a drooping quality and raising  the arrangement on a ceramic urn planter in the same creamy white did the trick.  You really can’t tell and the flowers looked so pretty cascading down.  A footed planter or compote would have worked too.


How many shades of green and white do you see?

The Table Setting:


I chose claasic green and cream family china.  To emphasize the gardening theme I started with rattan chargers which toned down the formality of the china and added texture.  Green bird candle holders added to the garden theme. Casual etched water goblets and simple vintage linen serviettes in cream kept the attention on the flowers and the toile tablecloth. Place markers made of  tiny clay pots holding mini turnips were inscribed with quotes and  completed each place setting. Welcome spring!

image image

image image image


The finished arrangement.

12 thoughts on “Spring Tablescape in Green and White

  1. Marlene and I are on the terrace listening to the waterfall and enjoying your beautiful blog photos. No flowers like that in my environment right now until I fly east. It’s 80 degrees and we are enjoying the gentle breezes. Wish you were here 😘. Hope you and Chris are having a better day. Remembered you at mass this morning.

    Sent from my iPad


    • Wish I was there with you both too! Very cold here today but did not get the snow that was predicted. all the flowers and magnolias will be ok! Glad you enjoyed the table setting. Never thought of cutting pieris before but it was so pretty and fragrant! Hope Marlene is feeling better.

      Johanne Lamarche


  2. Johanne, you are a genius with place settings and creating an ambience. What a sight for sore eyes! You are absolutely right, one never thinks of the different types of flowers and branches that grace the gardens right about now. Love your tablecloth and all the little settings that went into making this tablescape pop! I think the light peeping from the window casting some wonderful blue shades, I love taking pictures indoors when dusk is on us. Was this setting for a special occasion or do you just feel a need to decorate? Really beautiful!

    • Thank you Loretta. You are so kind. I do love decorating and coming up with flower arrangments from what I can forage in my garden. I don’t think I even knew there was a pieris in bloom this early but it looked so pretty cut for arranging. I set this table up in my kitchen where there is not direct natural light near it so I was frustrated by the quality of my photos so I am happy you found the light appealing. There is natural light coming from a distance and your discerning eye noted it…sort of like that in Dutch paintings! I was keeping busy as I nursed my husband from a surgery but not entertaining this time, just playing around. I am still enjoying that bouquet 3 days later. Can’t wait to meet you tomorrow!!!

      Johanne Lamarche


      • On the contrary Johanne, your photos captured it all so well. So sorry to hear about your husband’s surgery – I hope nothing too serious. Please send me your phone number via email, I’ll text you when I’m there. I kinda feel wierd entering without you. I’m bringing my camera along, I want to blog about it and the fact that we met……I’m always on the lookout for something more than just a recipe and pictures lately. This should be something different for blogging material eh 🙂

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