6 Enticing Desserts for Your Valentine

Piglet:  “How do you spell love?”

Pooh:  “You don’t spell it, you feel it.”

Are you staying in for Valentines’ Day and  looking for a special dessert to impress your beloved?  Look no further!  I have compiled half a dozen recipes from my archives that are made for individual servings.  From decadent chocolate mousses to individual citrus cakes and a luscious Kir Royal Panna cotta or a champagne granita, these desserts are all tempting yet simple to make in advance and will appeal to all tastes.  Happy Valentines’ Day!

Decadent Gingered Dark Chocolate Mousse


Balsamic Berry Chocolate Mousse

Champagne Raspberry Panna Cotta

Triple Lime Yogurt Mini Bundt Cakes

 Luscious Mini Lemon Mascarpone Cakes

Champagne Pink Grapefruit Granita



5 thoughts on “6 Enticing Desserts for Your Valentine

  1. You’re ahead of the game my friend! But how timely, I was craving a chocolate cake all this week, but I think I’ve just found my recipe. The very first Dark Chocolate Gingered mousse sounds just tickety-boo! I’ll be satisfying my taste buds pretty soon, and this time I won’t be sharing 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    • You will not be disappointed Loretta! This recipe stunned me in how decadent it was with just chocolate and water! Plus it is my all time favorite photography of those mousses in the new snow! Glad it caught your eye. Happy weekend! I’m so excited to go see 45 Years, opening today, and to receive the first library copy of Elizabeth Strout’s hot new novel My Name is Lucy Barton. Not going to be cooking much!

      Johanne Lamarche


  2. Oh wow Johanne. These look magnificent. Each one perfect for impressing dinner guests. I love the Champagne Raspberry Panna Cotta. It has my name all over it. I am a girl that loves sweets so this post is one that I will be going back to for recipes.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes.


  3. So nice to hear from you Janet! The Panna cotta is my personal favorite too! It would look beautiful on your romantic girlfriend table setting! The ginger mousse is a close second. Happy to indulge your sweet tooth!

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