Valentine’s Day Wreath and Planter DIY

“A man is not where he lives, but where he loves.”  Latin Proverb

February is a big month in our household with Valentine’s Day, our wedding anniversary and my birthday.  With winter setting in, I like to brighten the entrance for the month of February with a Valentines theme.  This year I recycled my holiday decor and transformed it with a few simple tweaks to celebrate the month of love.

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” David Bowie

I find a lot of the ready-made Valentines Day decorations are too corny or overdone so I like to create my own.  The  holiday urns had been done up in silver, flocked and red twig branches with red winter berry wreaths.  I left these in place,  removed the silver Christmas balls  in the arrangment(you can see the original urns here) and hung heart shaped ornaments throughout the branches.  Simple, restrained yet not too frilly.  I live in a household of all men, including the cat!  I really like the subtle sparkle from the glitter branches in the winter light.  Don’t have red twig dogwood?  Simply paint any branches with red paint as I did here.

image image image

For the wreath, I repurposed a red frame from this year’s Christmas planter(here) to create a wreath-within-a-wreath.   This was an old frame without glass I had painted red with acrylic paint.  imageUsing hot glue, I decorated the edge of the frame with felted wool red hearts with rhinestone detailing and small heart-shaped “gems”.  These were recycled from a garland(JoAnn’s) I took apart(to see how I used the garland last year, click here).  You could use old jewelery or cut hearts from felt to achieve a similar look.  I hung a larger glittery red heart separated from an old store bought wreath(JoAnn’s) and hot glued its edges to the wood frame.  The frame is securely hung on a door hook.  I used a jaunty red and white polka-dotted grosgrain ribbon to make it look as if the wreath is hung by the ribbon.  It is simply for show as the frame would move too much if hung this way when the door opens and closes.  I made a bow of the same ribbon and attached it to the center heart with wire. Voilà!  My Valentine’s Day welcome!

image image



“Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.” Zora Neale Huston


34 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Wreath and Planter DIY

  1. Very festive and welcoming. And you just reminded me to ask Sue to remove the Christmas wreath from my front door. I did forget one year and returned in April to see a very dead wreath.

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Johanne this is just a “lovely love” post. The decorations are just the bomb! Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. Valentines is such fun and could not come at a better time…the dark days of February when we all need a bit of relief from the cold. Thanks for sharing.

    • Merci Nicole! Ça fait du bien de racourcir l’hiver avec le décor chaleureux de la St Valentin. Tu auras plusieurs Valentins pour aimer et gâter cette année, petits et grand! Xo💕❤️💕

      Johanne Lamarche


  3. So much for you to celebrate in February. You’ve certainly livened and sparked up the front entrance, just beautiful! Love the David Bowie quote too. Happy V-Day, B-Day and Anniversary!

    • Thank you Loretta! That Bowie quote resonated with me also. Remarkable at how he continued creating his art even from his death bed. Have you watched the video of Lazarus one of his new release songs? Almost too hard to watch but so Bowie! Have a good week! Thought of you as we drove home on route 52 yesterday from DC.🌺

      Johanne Lamarche


      • Oh my yes Johanne, I did watch the video of Lazarus, it was quite disturbing! I had not really followed his life in the past few years and had no idea he lived in NYC. I think after he re-married his life changed for the better. It has been quite a Bowie week in the music world no matter where we were last week, all very sad. Ahh you drove home on Rte 52 from DC? You should have stopped in :). We live just off Rte 52, that’s the route I usually take when I go to Longwood before I hit Route 1 (15 mins from here), but I didn’t realize you could drive back from DC that way?

      • We got on route 52 from 95 at Wilmington and took 52 to route 1 to get home from there. Much prettier drive with less traffic than if we took 95 to 202. I had a hard time watching Lazarus. Disturbing indeed yet courageous. Those zoom in shots of the veined transparent skin. Ugh!

        Johanne Lamarche


  4. The urn really resonated for me – probably because I think I have the same ones, or very close! I want to make it NOW! The wreath is really cute, too! And thanks for sharing this to Throwback Thursday! 🙂 🙂

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