Thanksgiving Welcome on the Front Porch

“Surrender before the miraculous scope of human generosity and…just keep saying thank you, forever and sincerely, for as long as we have voices.”  Elizabeth Gilbert

The goblins and ghosts of Halloween have come and gone and the fall mums are all spent yet there is a whole month ahead before the holiday decorations go up.  The front porch definately  needed sprucing up for Thanksgiving.   My solution?  Foraging for wild bittersweet vine and fallen osage oranges, those glorious lime green orbs.  I recycled everything else from what I had around.  Zero cost and a fresh welcome throughout November.  Take a look and maybe you will find some ideas for your own outdoor Thanksgiving decorating.

I peeled some bark off a log and wrote a Thanksgiving sentiment on it with a glitter pen then attached it to the front of my fall wreath.

I peeled some bark off a log and wrote a Thanksgiving sentiment on it with a glitter pen then attached it to the front of my fall wreath.


The bark with inscribed Thanksgiving greetings.  The second one will rest in a basket of gourds.  This idea could be adapted for  place cards at your Thanksgiving table.


I placed 2 lanterns with fall colored candles on top of black urns. They are seated on  terra cotta saucers to keep them secure. Around each I wove fresh bittersweet and a silk garland of leaves.  The door is outlined in a similar garland for a bold colorful welcome. Don’t you love the exuberance and unruly nature of bittersweet?


Each lantern is topped with a gold dipped leaf ornament. The gold compliments our front door hardware and ties in the gold glitter lettering on the bark strips.


To one side I placed a flower basket on a small chartreuse table and filled it with Hubbard squash, rattan spheres, pine balls, Osage oranges and pheasant feathers. Plaid ribbon and bittersweet vine give the basket some polish and ties together the color theme.  This is my take on a horn-of-plenty.


Detail of the top of the door with an abundance of bittersweet curling around a silk garland of leaves. Adding the fresh bittersweet to the artificial garland gives it more texture, dimension and a natural appeal.


Thank you for visiting with me today.

8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Welcome on the Front Porch

    • I can never get my mums to make it to Thanksgiving. Grrr…and there aren’t any more for sale except florist mums which don’t tolerate the cold. I have a big patch of bittersweet I can share!

      Johanne Lamarche


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