The Flowers of Camden, Maine

Camden Maine is one of the most picturesque towns in the world.  With its charming harbor on scenic Penobscot Bay, this Mid Coastal town’s population triples in the summer months. One visit and you will be smitten forever.  This picture-perfect seaside community  has been home to literary greats Richard Russo, Edna St-Vincent Millay and songwriter Don McLean.  The town was the setting for Peyton Place, Steven King’s Thinner and In The Bedroom. Publishing tycoon Cyrus Curtis called it home.  For all its illustrious  history and fame, the town has preserved its appealing quaintness and charm.image

The beautiful  harbor of course is the highlight of any summer visit to Camden. However, the gardens and flowers of Camden are a very close second. This year, the Camden Garden Club celebrated its centenary.  Established in 1915 by a group of women dedicated to developing and preserving the beauty in and around Camden, in a hundred years of history the club has planted more than 1,000 trees, hung 4,500 flower baskets on town lampposts since 1925, designed and planted 32 gardens and parks and held garden tours of private homes continuously since 1948 to name a few of their impressive accomplishments.  Its annual garden tour has become so popular that many tourists plan their vacations around the tour.  This year visitors could tour some of the homes on the very first garden tour! The quaint old town of Camden is a flower lover’s dream. The streets are bursting with flowering  window boxes and planters to delight the senses.  Join me for a stroll through Camden in bloom.

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Special thanks to my dear friend Pam who introduced me to quaint Camden and who photographed the flowers for this post. Sources:,


7 thoughts on “The Flowers of Camden, Maine

  1. Camden, Maine is gorgeous- we’ve stopped there several times on our way to Bar Harbor. Thanks for the lovely pictures! -Liz

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