Awaiting Easter: Front Porch Welcome

“Is the spring coming?” he said.  ” What’s it like?” “It is the sun shining on the rain, and  the rain falling on the sunshine.”  Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

One of the most wondrous discoveries when I left my childhood home in Northern Canada to study at university was how amazing spring could be.  Up north, spring was gray, cold and all about melting the snow accumulation.  Now living even further south in Pennsylvania, spring is just magical for me.  With a spectacular spring snow storm less than a week ago, I almost felt I was back in Canada.  Almost. The nurseries cautiously had a few cold hardy spring flowers for sale this week and I was optimistically seduced into bringing them home.  The planters on the front porch were filled with tulips, pansies, daffodils, pussy willow branches and favorite spring and Easter décor.  Join me in welcoming Spring and Easter on the front porch.

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17 thoughts on “Awaiting Easter: Front Porch Welcome

  1. So pretty! I absolutely love pussy willows! I’ve been looking for quality replacements with no success. Are yours purchased or from your yard?

  2. Très beau Johanne, ici nous avons une tempête de neige encore….définitivement le printemps n ‘est pas arrivé ici !

  3. Johanne, What a lovely entrance to your home. Did you ever think of submitting your posts to Martha Stewart’s magazine? We have a new Trader Joes that just opened last week near us so I’ll need to look for some pussy willow and spruce up my planters. I’ve been enjoying your posts. Thank you,
    Marlene (Dona’s sister)

    • You are too kind Marlene! If anyone should get featured in Martha Stewart it should be you and your awesome cookies! So good to hear from you. Hope John is doing better. Regards to both of you. Enjoy TJ! It’s the best.

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  4. How beautiful Johanne, you ARE pretty optimistic aren’t you? Everything looks just gorgeous, what a welcome entry! You are right about spring in Ontario though, gosh, it really was all about the melting snow, and jumping straight into the warm summery days. Aren’t you glad you moved? :). We opened Goodstay Gardens where I volunteer here in Wilmington yesterday. It’s a tudor-style garden built around the 1700’s. I was so glad to be outdoors digging and playing in the dirt. I can’t wait for the warmer weather.

    • Thank you Loretta. 2 days ago it was still freezing and today so nice! It feels like spring is finally here and I didn’t lose any plants. I think I visited the Goodstay garden years ago during a weekend in Wilmington. Very old statuary if I recall. Enjoy digging in the dirt!

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    • Thanks Jenna! I was going to wait to take pictures when the flowers were opening a little more but glad I didn’t wait because a squirrel got into the pots this morning after a rain and threw dirt ALL over! Now the pots are full of cayenne and hot pepper flakes…not so pretty!

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  5. I love your post but saw it and thought to myself: Wait! Did I take down my Christmas wreath!! lol! I was travelling and hadn’t put one up, which I momentarily forgot! That’s why no memory of taking it down….

    I think the bow on the bunny is particularly precious; I have a bunny, too, but he’s still inside on the corner of my fireplace hearth. It may be time for his migration to the outside. With a bow! 🙂

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