Dreaming of Spring: Front Door Basket and a Flower Show Tour

“That is one good thing about this world…there are always sure to be more springs.”

L.M. Montgomery, Ann of Avonlea

With another winter snow storm blanketing our area in white yet again today, I am longing for spring in a most impatient way.

image image

I had just taken down all the winter greens on the front porch and wanted to get a fresh welcome at our front door.  It seemed too soon to hang a wreath for Easter or one with any kind of flowers with all this snow still coming down.    My solution was a basket bursting with pussy willows, a sure harbinger of spring!

image image imageThe pussy willow branches were propped up by crumpled newspaper on either side which I concealed with reindeer moss.  A bright pink polka dot grosgrain ribbon tied around the monogrammed basket cheerfully promises spring is right around the corner.  A feather bird sits on the moss as another symbol of spring.

To escape this endless winter, I visited the flower show this week.  Philadelphia has been hosting the most magnificent Flower Show since 1829.  It is held over a week and features a different theme each year.  This year’s theme was “Celebrate the Movies”, and for this movie buff, a favorite.


The whole marquee is done in flowers! Photo courtesy of pennlive.com

The whole marquee is done in flowers! Photo courtesy of pennlive.com

The entrance was a makeshift 1920s theatre showcasing a movie marquee made up of over 100,000 flowers, complete with star searcher lights and a red carpet. Many of the flowers making up this display were celebrity roses, named after film stars such as the Marilyn Monroe. Once through the entrance, 3 immense chandeliers made out of flowers were suspended, dripping in crystals.


One of the floral chandeliers. Photo by Ilse Farrell

Many of the main exhibits were inspired by movies as were many of  the art and floral arrangements.  Join me on a pictorial tour of this award winning show and escape winter with me!


Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas


60 pumpkins such as this floral beauty adorned the Tim Burton’s display


Spectacular table setting in an Aladdin display.


Aladdin display


Detail Aladdin table


Frozen, of course! A 10 foot staircase made entirely of white flowers led the way up to a castle.


A floral interpretation of Rapunzel!


Cinderella’s slipper on its floral cushion


Persian carpet made out of flowers!


Floral bull’s eye from Pocahontas, detailed view below


Pocahontas homage


Wizard of Oz tornado complete with Toto’s house and Dorothy’s shoes


The breathtaking Japanese garden design celebrating Mulan, detail below.


Prince of Persia


Cinderella’s wedding with the actual slipper feom the upcoming film.


Cars movie fun


Audrey Hepburn “painting” created entirely of flower petals. Part of a whole display of similar star portraits.


A stark vignette honoring Shindler’s List

image image

To see more of the Philadelphia Flower Show, please visit 6ABC site:


Thank you for stopping by.   I hope you enjoyed visiting the flower show with me!

Brightening my fellow bloggers’ day at Fiesta Friday hosted by Angie@The Novice Gardener today.

25 thoughts on “Dreaming of Spring: Front Door Basket and a Flower Show Tour

  1. Dear Johanne,

    What a treat!!!

    I was planning o go to the flower show today but the weather interfered with my plans.

    Looking at those beautiful pictures almost made up for not being able to go myself.

    I am so glad that I signed up for your blog. It’s been a joy

    J Christel

    P.S. I’ll have to think of a creative idea for my front door containers

  2. I posted your blog on on my Facebook. The photos were so beautiful! Thank you again for driving last night! Lynne Sent from my iPhone


  3. Johanne,
    These pictures of the flower show are just so colorful. I always love going to the PFS because it inspires me to get started on my own garden. After the show I usually get my window boxes ready for the pansies. I have not gotten to the show yet and my garden is under ten inches of snow so I feel defeated. You pictures have helped in inspiring me.
    Thank you
    Eileen Mason

    • Last year at this time I had pansies galore too Eileen. But not this year although it is so pretty in the winter wonderland we are experiencing. A friend went to the show today and said there were no crowds! Thanks for stopping by today.

      Sent from my iPad


  4. I took the day off to go to the Flower show but as you know all to well the weather had other ideas. Hoping to catch the train in Landsdale tomorrow and journey into Philadelphia for the show! Loved the preview! Remind me of which town you live in…

  5. Some lovely looking arrangements. Our local fine arts museum has a special exhibition in April where both professional and amateur flower arrangers make arrangements inspired by things in the museum. Some of them are amazing, so I am looking forward to it again this year. As well as hopefully spring by then!

    • So many creative people! Are you in the Boston area Caroline? If so you must really be craving spring! You have had more than your share of winter! If you can ever get to Philadelphia for the Flower Show I think you would love it. Thank you for hosting FF!

      Sent from my iPhone


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  8. I bet the flower show was fun! My grandmother had a row of pussy willows on the far side of their garage an always brought sprays of them inside. I get so sentimental at the thought of them!

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