Vanilla~Coconut~Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Although all the ingredients in this recipe are edible, this is a body scrub perfect for exfoliating dry winter skin and leaving behind a pleasant scent of coconut and vanilla and your skin moisturized.  It is an easy gift to throw together from what is already in your pantry.    I have a jar by the kitchen sink to soften my hands after  long sessions of cooking and cleaning up.   If using in a tiled shower, rinse any residue super well so as not to encourage mold growth in the grout with the sugars. Whether for a sweet smelling Valentine’s Day gift, or  simply for a  winter skin softener to make you dream of a tropical escape,  this is a fun and easy project to create  right in your kitchen!imageimage



2 c brown sugar

1 c granulated sugar

1/2 c coconut oil

1/2 c safflower oil

1 T vanilla extract

Method:  Mix  all ingredients together in a bowl.  Store in a glass jar with a lid.   If giving as a gift, tie on a scoop or spoon, for dispensing.  You will  need to give the scrub a stir once in a while to keep the oils evenly distributed.



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