Favorites of 2014

The journey as a blogger has been wondrous but a lot of hard work.  My writing, photography and technological skills are continually evolving.  It never ceases to amaze me to see the map of the world light up in 88 countries where my little blog is being discovered and read in far away places or right around the corner from home.  Hearing from readers that I am a source of inspiration to them with a recipe, a project or a story inspires me to continue publishing the blog.  I thought I would end the year highlighting the most popular posts of 2014 as decided by you, dear readers.  Thank you for your enthusiastic support.  It means the world to me.  You can click on each highlighted title to access the link to read the original post.   Happy New Year!


Creating an Outdoor Room

The view from the front door during porch season

The view from the front door during porch season


Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden in a Chalkboard Crate



Thanksgiving Table


Moonlight Dinner Amongst the Ferns


Pretty in Pink Alfresco Lunch




Miracle Christmas Cookie


Sublime Roasted Leg of Lamb

The gorgeous roast!

The gorgeous roast!

Poached Pear Salad


Tomato Bisque with Grilled Cheese Croutons



Artisan Bread and Herbed Butter



No Water Flowers


Flowering Indoor Planter Tutorial


Winter Container



Glorious Pizza Chiena



Thanksgiving Granola

The most chic presentation of all. A crisp black and white French ribbon ties a cellophane bag of granola and a glittery gold oak leaf (Michaels) is used as a tag in the planter.

The most chic presentation of all. A crisp black and white French ribbon ties a cellophane bag of granola and a glittery gold oak leaf (Michaels) is used as a tag in the planter.

Wishing you all the best in health, happiness and peace in 2015!

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20 thoughts on “Favorites of 2014

      • Really Johanne? A few have responded to the Chocoflan. There is a comment box right at the end of each post? Go to the very end, would love to hear your comments.

      • I did open the post scroll to the end and it just goes right into your previous post. This was also the case before the holidays. It happens on other sites sometimes. Not sure why…..

      • When you click on Safariofthemind, yes,it does go to all the posts. If you just want to look at one post and comment, you click that post itself. You can also access it by going to the end of each post, there is a spot that says how many comments in each post, if you click on the comment button, a box for commenting should take you there.

  1. Johanne,

    So happy to have met you and have you share your fabulous recipes and entertainment ideas. While I am not a crafty person, I have used your recipes repeatedly and I love the simplicity of them! I did tackle the container ideas for the homemade granola and that is what the neighbors got this year!

    Holiday Hugs and Cheers for a Wonderful New Year,

    Deb Main
    Lynne’s sister-in law

  2. Happy New Year, Johanne! It was so much fun to read these posts all over again! Congratulations on your wonderfully productive year! I have enjoyed being “up close and personal” with so many of these featured crafts, decorating and food items! No question ~ you are the best!

  3. And I’ve enjoyed having your valuable input and steadfast encouragement Julie! When I looked at the year’s final stats I had to smile because you were right in the thick of so many of the winners! 🙂 Happy New Year! And thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a big fan. Xo

  4. Dear Johanne’s congratulation to a very productive and creative year. Always new ideas and new recipes to try out. Looking forward to a New Year as enjoyable and creative as last year.

  5. Happy New Year Johanne – so delighted to have met you through Angie’s Fiesta Friday and thrilled to see that the roast lamb is one of your top recipe posts!! Looking forward to seeing more of your amazing creations this coming year!

    • Happy New Year to you too Selma! I was also thrilled to see the lamb made it to top 5 as it should! I am so happy to have met you through FF? As you could see I put me linking skills to use yesterday w the best of post:))) thank you for reaching out to me. Looking forward to a good year of inspired sharing.

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