High End Holiday Looks with Supermarket Flowers

Transforming supermarket flowers from ordinary to wow, is easy. It gives your budget a huge bang for its buck.  You don’t have to have a green thumb or a talent for flower arranging.  Just a good imagination to look around your house for interesting containers will do.  Everything I used in these examples I had on hand.  The  small silver ornaments were bought at the Dollar Store. None of these projects took more than a few minutes.

1-  Rosemary Tree

These fragrant trees are readily available and make a terrific hostess gift.  I like one in the kitchen where I snip fresh rosemary for cooking throughout the holiday season.  Plop the plastic pot in a nice planter, tie a festive ribbon around the rim with a small ornament, and you’ve got a gorgeous and festive planter.  I chose a birch bark planter with a plaid ribbon in keeping with the tree concept.

 Using a garden marker for your gift tag is a nice touch fitting of the gift!


2-  Potted Orchids

Orchids are now very affordable, easy to care for, and long lasting.  I created a focal point in my entry by placing an orchid in a green planter, adding red taffeta ribbons on each handle and nesting the orchid on a bed of fragrant evergreen boughs.  I added a few mini gold ornaments on each side and this orchid now commands attention and looks like it came from an expensive florist.  The greens and reds are soft and once the holidays over, removing the gold ornaments and evergreens will take this orchid through January without seeming Christmassy.

image image

3-  Cut flowers in an Ice Bucket Arrangement

This arrangment would look great on a bar during a party because of its ice bucket “vase”.  It would be perfect for New Year’s Eve because of its sparkle and colors.  It can esily be made more Christmassy by choosing red flowers for example.  I bought a $4 bunch of rose colored  lilies, removed most of the leaves and starting from the bottom, criss crossed a ribbon to tie the stems tightly together, finishing with a bow just beneath the flowers.  I placed the flowers in a vase concealed inside the ice bucket and filled the space around with crumpled newspaper which I concealed with reindeer moss.  Over the edges of the ice buckets I spilled out soft cypress boughs(cedar would work).  I then filled the top of the bucket with silver balls in different textures and sizes to mimic  bubbles in champagne to suit the theme.  I placed the arrangement on a silver tray and added more ornaments there.  On each side of the tray I placed 3 silver votives to give the arrangement more impact.  Stunning million dollar look from $4 worth of flowers!


4-  Orchids in A silver Punch Bowl

In this arrangement I placed two potted orchids  in a punch bowl, filled gaps with crumpled newspaper, concealed the top with moss and then just added different evergreen branches around the orchid’s foliage, a few silver ornaments and a large glittery pinecone. I placed the arrangment on a burgundy velvet runner on a console, in front of a mirror for magnified impact.  The burgundy of the velvet brings out the deeper shades in this pink orchid.


5-  Pine Cones as a Centerpiece

Although not technically flowers, this shows you how a bunch of pinecones collected in my yard can become a centerpice.  I arranged the pinecones on a small pedestal dish. Added a few silvery ornaments, a twig of white pine, a red berry spray and centered this on a mirrored tray.  A few mercury glass votive candles nestle close by to create a simple, serene and very pretty arrangement viewed from above, ideal on a hall console, a bathroom vanity or on a coffee table. Zero cost!


6-  Poinsettia Topiary


Taking a pointsettia and transforming it into a topiary is just what a non-pointsettia loving gardener does for the holidays!  Placing the topiary in a garden urn, wrapping the stems with ribbon, covering the soil with moss and finishing with beads scattered on the moss completely transforms the lowly pointsettia into a spectacular showpiece.  For a detailed tutorial on how to make this topiary, please click

I hope you have enjoyed learning how to get high end holiday looks with budget flowers.  Happy holiday flower arranging!

12 thoughts on “High End Holiday Looks with Supermarket Flowers

  1. All fabulous ideas, Johanne! I love the ballerina tie on the orchids and poinsettia. It really adds to the look and reminds me of “The Nutcracker” for this time of year. I also really like the rosemary topiary. I had a big rosemary plant out on the deck this summer and just brought it in for the winter. It’s not cut in the shape of anything, but the smell is wonderful! I make a point to touch it to release the fragrance every time I pass it in the kitchen!

    • Ballerina tie, huh? I sshould run my write ups by you first Alycia as you have such a way with words! Thank you for the positive feedback. It is always so lovely to hear from you! BTW, if I respond to comments by hitting reply in the email I receive from WordPress, does the person commenting, in this case you, get notified of my response? I respond to each and every comment but some friends have told me they didn’t get a response. Just checking if I am doing something wrong. Thanks!

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