Pin It! Creative Storage For Brooches

Brooches have always fascinated me and are a staple of my wardrobe.  Over the years my collection of brooches has grown, with many pieces received as gifts or inherited.  My husband often surprises me with a  brooch when he travels, selecting pieces that  are handmade by local artists.  These are the most meaningful brooches of my collection.

Hand painted pieces by American artist Christina Goodman

Hand painted pieces by American artist Christina Goodman; sunflowers by Michael Michaud

The problem with most jewelery is that once out of sight, it is forgotten and does not tend to get worn.  My solution to this problem with my brooch collection was to use a store bought, plain, ribbon bulletin board, that I mounted on a wall in my closet to display my brooches and provide easy access to them when dressing.


  A great steal at $15.99 at Target,  this French twill ribbon board is of good quality with thick padding.  It can be ordered online by clicking here:×20/-/A-10635957  I chose a plain fabric so the brooches could pop when pinned on it.                                                                                                                             .

image The padding of the bulletin board is thick enough to securely support even the heaviest of brooches and the board currently holds close to 100 pieces, with room for more. I use the ribbon bands to display clip-on earrings.image

Even on days where  I am not wearing a brooch, I enjoy looking at this beautiful collection and thinking of the people who have given me such lovely tokens of their affection.  The bulletin board is an innovative storage solution for a growing collection of brooches and art for the closet!


4 thoughts on “Pin It! Creative Storage For Brooches

  1. What a great idea! Decorative AND functional!!! This would be a beautiful display in my dressing room! I don’t have nearly as many beautiful brooches as you do, but still…this is a really cool way to store/display them!

    You have a really neat collection. A little something for any and every occasion!

    • Thank you Alycia! After seeing your fabulous organization of your tablescaping storage, i think you probably have excellent storage for your jewelery too! I’ve never seen anyone else use a bulletin board for pinning brooches and always get great feedback on the idea when friends see my board, so I thought I would share it! When September approaches, I always feel like tackling organization projects and thought readers might too!

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