Monogrammed Gingerbread Cookies

Life’s accomplishments can all be relative.  When I was working full time as a periodontist with 3 young children born 3 years apart, I won the “Best Snack Mom of the Year” award at my sons’ preschool. The “over the top” homemade soft pretzels in the initial of every child in the class probably cinched the title for me.  What was I thinking?  It was all downhill from there!  I recently did revive the monogram idea  by cutting free-hand initials out of our favorite gingerbread dough. To make, just roll out your favorite plain cookie dough.  Cut out initials or even a special date to celebrate, such as an anniversary, an engagement, or a wedding.  Bake as you would a regular batch of cookies, careful not to burn as not all intials require the same amount of baking time.  This could be a fun wedding shower idea using the bride and groom’s initials.  A custom baking project sure to make a special someone smile and feel really loved.  Plus the whole house will smell incredible with those spices!



The much loved and bakes gingerbread recipe from the booklet Kinder-Krunchies by Karen S. Jenkins

The much loved and baked gingerbread recipe from the booklet Kinder-Krunchies by Karen S. Jenkins

7 thoughts on “Monogrammed Gingerbread Cookies

  1. I love gingerbread so much, and you have inspired me to make some tonight! I know it’s August. I don’t care! I want gingerbread…now!!! I sure hope I have all the ingredients, because I’ll otherwise be making a trip to the grocery store! I can almost smell it now! I’ve never made gingerbread cookies, but I’m going to pin this recipe so that I can give that a try. I’m sure I’ll have fun cutting out shapes of all kinds! Interesting that it calls for honey rather than sugar. Is that because of the periodontist in you? 😉 At any rate, I know they’ll be tasty cookies.

    I’m off to check the pantry! Have a good night!

    • You are such a beautiful writer Alycia and a comment from you in my inbox is always a highlight in my day. The honey in this recipe was as requested by the author and I think it was to make the cookies healthier since the target audience was children. Just like regular gingerbread, these cookies fill the house with an incredible aroma! We have been making them since my oldest was 3 and he’s 21! One of those oldie but goodie, recipes. This periodontist married a candy man….(my hubby works at Mars) so the honey credit was generous of you! We’re no stranger to sugar here! The post was more about the novelty of the monograms from any cookie dough. Like you, I love gingerbread any time of the year! i hope you are filling your house with delicious smells by now! Enjoy your evening and thanks so much for stopping by!

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      • It got WAY too hot here in the KC area for me to bake the gingerbread! I am so disappointed, but I just can’t bear to turn that oven on until it cools off a bit. We’re suffering through days of 100+ heat indices. Ugh! 😦 NOT exactly the best weather for doing a lot of baking. I’ll get to it, though. I’m a patient woman. Ha! 🙂

        So you married a man from Mars??? Interesting! Does the government agency that investigates UFOs and such know about this? 😉 🙂 😉 Have a great night!

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