Tour de Fleurs


With the Tour de France in full force, I thought I would pay hommage to the sport with a bicycle built for flowers!  At  a Philadelphia Flower Show years ago, I had been taken by a display that featured this same bicycle planter.   Prince Charming did some sleuthing  to find where one of  these bike planters could be purchased and surprised me with it on Mother’s Day that year.  I love riding my bike, gardening and the Tour de France.  This was a perfect project to celebrate all three!  Happy cycling this summer!







4 thoughts on “Tour de Fleurs

    • Just posted today so you didn’t miss it! All flowers from my garden. Thank you for your nice comments Teresa. Came home from dinner out at a Roman-Jewish restaurant(delicious!) with my son who is soon leaving to travel in Asia to find all your comments!!! Feels like Christmas! You made my day!!!! Thank you!

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  1. Hi, Johanne! This is beautiful!! Very French! I’m not a follower of the Tour de France, but I did a tablescape paying homage, too. Haven’t posted it yet. Just dragging my feet…as usual. Mine doesn’t even begin to compare to the natural beauty with which you have festooned this bicycle planter!!! I would love to find a planter like that around here and “park” it beneath our oak tree. What a pretty and whimsical look!!!

    • I can’t wait to see your tablescape Alycia! We have a new little shop nearby which had the same planter in front last week so I stopped in. She said she got hers online. I’ve had mine for 10 years but evidently they are available. Sometimes Tuesday Morning has smaller tricycle size planters on sale. You could just use a regular bicycle with a basket or 2. If you get a used one you could always spray paint it a color to tie in with yout table setting…..I’m expecting big things from you Alycia! 🙂 We are back to seasonally cooler weather so heading outside to paint and enjoy it! Have a great weekend and thanks for reading and commenting. You always bring a sunshine to my day!

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