Mint Chocolate: Straight From the Garden

image Dark chocolate dipped mint leaves are the perfect after dinner treat to serve your guests.  Fast, easy and bursting with fresh mint taste,  they are a clever take on the traditional after dinner chocolate mint. To make them, pick 12 whole, unblemished  mint leaves of approximately the same size.  Medium ones are easier to handle.  Wash and dry the mint. Melt 6 Dove Promises dark chocolate pieces in either the microwave, like seen here, or over a water bath.  Do not allow any water to splash into the chocolate or it will seize.image Line a flat tray with wax paper.  Dip each mint leaf in the chocolate, coating both sides about half way up.   Lay the chocolate covered leaves on the wax paper, ensuring the leaves do not touch. image Freeze for 1/2 hour or up to 5 hours.  Peel the leaves off the wax paper and serve cold, straight from the freezer on a pretty narrow platter.  A perfect minty fresh finish!


This narrow platter was a left over slab of marble from a bathroom renovation.

The texture and color of the mint does not hold up if not consumed right away. These are photographed a day later.

The texture and color of the mint does not hold up if not consumed within a few hours.  These are photographed a day later.  Although still good, the mint has lost its bright green color.


2 thoughts on “Mint Chocolate: Straight From the Garden

  1. I live an incredibly sheltered life. I have never heard of doing this, but it makes a ton of sense!!! Both my Mom and I have planted mint this season, and now I know one more thing we can do with it! I love the way you displayed it on that marble slab!

    Have a great weekend! -Your seriously flawed and only somewhat fabulous friend – Alycia

    • Dear Awesome Alycia,

      YOU have the distinct advantage of having been filmed in numerous TV features which I just discovered reading old posts on your site and I loved hearing your voice and seeing with my own 2 eyes how fabulous you are in real life! Now you can add chocolate dipped mint leaves to your repertoire and gain an itsy bitsy micro ounce of fabulousness since you already were! Thank you for noticing that slab. I knew someday there would be something perfect to serve on it, plus it could be chilled and keep the mint cold longer! It did stay green at room temperature for at least 6 hours. I even had compliments from an almost 20 yr old young man who couldn’t resist these. Now I need to come up for a fab title for a hot pink (with black and white) tablescape in the garden to feature my blooming lillies……feel free to throw something at me! I was thinking of you today as I relaxed reading a magazine called French Style where one home featured had an owner who had never been to France but nailed the look! 🙂

      Sent from my iPad


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