Spring Training: Folding Screen as a Garden Trellis



A beautiful antique Spanish wrought iron screen which had once been used as a headboard has found new life in the garden.  The iron work on this screen is gorgeous and it now shines as a garden accent with purpose.    Tomato plants, Clematis and a spectacular apricot rose, Sunset Celebration, all grow happily intertwined in the intricate scrollwork of the screen.  A trellis adds height and beauty to an outdoor space and this handsome screen provides a focal point in our garden.


To order the rubber English garden twine seen here, please visit: http://www.diannebbest.com/garden-twine-english.html      It is one of my absolute favorite garden products!

As the screen is very heavy, we prefer not to move it and it is left outdoors year round in our zone 6 climate. The elements have been adding more patina as time goes on.  In winter, the screen provides lovely architectural interest for year- round beauty, even when the blooms have faded.

We secured the screen by digging its feet into the soil and adding bricks in front and in back of each segment for additional support.  It could also have been bolted into the house’s brick wall.


When setting the screen into the soil, we offset each panel at about 45 degrees from its neighbor to give the screen additional stability.  This also expanded the surface area for the various plants to grow.  We set it about a foot from the wall to facilitate access to the plants and for weeding.  This year we added purple hyacinth beans grown from seed around the back of the trellis so we can extend the seasonal interest well into the fall.  The photographs are taken early in the growing season.  In a few more weeks the screen will be filled with an abundance of ornamentals as well as edibles, all growing harmoniously.

This year we added rebar rods in 2 feet lengths offset on either side of the trellis for added support.

This year we added rebar rods in 2 feet lengths offset on either side of the trellis for added support.

Look around your storage area or at flea markets  to see what you could repurpose as a trellis in your garden to add a distinctive touch, a bit of whimsy or some romantic elegance.    You can paint a trellis a bold color to make a statement and bring your garden to life.  Old garden gates, rusty bed frames, old ladders and wrought iron panels of any kind can all be put to work as trellises.  Be inspired!image

“To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body but the soul.”  Alfred Austin


3 thoughts on “Spring Training: Folding Screen as a Garden Trellis

  1. Why, oh why didn’t I think of this before I sold/gave away all my folding screens??!?!? I had some really terrific ones, but just didn’t want to use them in the house anymore. They would have been PERFECT for growing clematis or other viney plants!!! Rats! Well, I’m so glad you at least planted the seed of knowledge for the future. Yours looks so pretty and right at home!!!

    • I know! I was tired of lugging us around in storage and when a wooden trellis collapsed, I had an eureka moment and it was a win win! I see a trellis in your future Alycia!!! Thanks for visiting today! 🙂

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