Meyer Lemon- Cranberry Orange Marmalade


I looooove marmalade and I love having breakfast outside all summer long. Until I read the fabulous blog on homemade marmalade by Teresa at Food on Fifth, I had not realized how easy it could be to make marmalade.  Good oranges and Meyer lemons can still be found so  I made a batch and have been enjoying it as my guilty pleasure (I’m the only marmalade lover in this family ) every morning, reading the papers and drinking my tea in the garden.  Marmalade on oatmeal? Yum!  Marmalade on warm-from-the-oven scones? Yes, please.  Marmalade on toast or buttery croissants?  Perfect conveyors for this delectable confection!  Marmalade eaten rigtht off the spoon from the jar…true confession!   This was so good, it’s just about time to make another batch!

Meyer Lemon Orange Cranberry Marmalade

  (Adapted from Food On Fifth)

(Click here for the original recipe)

Makes 2 cups


3 Meyer Lemons

1 large Valencia or Navel orange

2 c sugar

2 c water

4 oz of dried cranberries( I used orange flavored ones )

1 tsp of pomegranate molasses, optional


1-  Wash, dry and cut in half the lemons and orange.  Remove seeds.

2-  Slice all fruit coarsely.  If you like your marmalade chunky, the slices can be thicker.

3-  Add water to fruit in a medium saucepan until the fruit is covered.  Let sit overnight, covered.

4-  Mix in sugar and bring to a slow boil over medium heat.   Reduce heat to simmer and cook, covered for about an hour.  Cool slightly.  Look to see if the marmalade has gelled.  If not, return to heat another 15 minutes.

5-  Stir in the cranberries and molasses. Let cool completely.

Refrigerate.  If you will not consume the marmalade within a week, follow directions for canning in the above link.







9 thoughts on “Meyer Lemon- Cranberry Orange Marmalade

      • Whoa… you really have my attention. Lemon, orange, cranberry marmalade! Roy loves all 3 favors! Guess I have to make this. When the lemons on my Meyer Lemon Tree ripen and since I always have a few bags of cranberries in the freezer, I now have a plan!
        Roy thanks you!

      • Love it! You have a Meyer lemon tree in Berwyn???? I’ll know which garden to raid! Let me know how the marmalade turns out!! You’re welcome, Roy!

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  1. Hello and thanks for the shout out! I appreciate that you liked my marmalade that you made your own. It looks just great and delicious. Did you like it as much as I did when I made it?

    • I devoured it! I left the orange segments pretty thick since I like biting into bitter peel segments and commercial varieties don’t give you that texture. I tried orange flower water in half of it and decided it was too flowery in taste and won’t make it that way again. I wanted to make a smaller batch as I was the only one eating it and reduced the quantity by about half. It was still a bit runny but I liked that for oatmeal. Maybe the seeds in the cheesecloth provided some pectin??? It was delicious and It looks like some of my readers visited your site. Wish I had a charming lemon tree story for my marmalade! I will make the asparagus pie soon. Have not been able to find white asparagus here as the season has ended. I love your blog and hope you do consider a cookbook of the recipe file, Teresa!

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  2. I must live a very, very sheltered little life. I have never heard of anything other than straight up orange marmalade. Bought 2 jars at the store today, in fact, to go with my English muffins. LOVE the stuff! I don’t know how successful I might be at trying to make it myself. My Dad would have been able to master it in a heartbeat, I’m sure!

    The marmalade here looks beautiful. Very different from what I am accustomed to…and I think that’s part of the appeal!

    • You are too funny Alycia! I made mine really chunky because most commercial varieties are pretty uniformly textured. I thought it would be difficult to make but it was easy. I simplified the original recipe and skipped the canning part as I have never tried to can and it turned out! If you try it, let me know how it turns out!

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