Bowling in the Garden


In his youth Prince Charming was quite the bowler.  Well at least according to him.  There must be some truth to this legendary tale since when I married him, he moved in with his own bowling ball and its impressive leather carrying case.  Growing up in a small Canadian town I did my fair share of bowling but did I own my own bowling ball?  No sir.  I didn’t even know anyone who owned their own bowling ball!

After looking at that  forgotten case in the garage cupboard for at least 20 years of our married life, I decided it was time to put that ball into play again.  No, I didn’t give it back to my man nor did I head to the local bowling alley to brush up on my game either.  I had much bigger plans for it!  I love blue accents in our garden since our house is red brick and we have gardens walls in a terra cotta color.  Blue just pops against these colors.  How perfect the  famous bowling ball was blue!  I turned a metal pedestal planter upside down and used this as a shrine, um I mean,  base,  to display the famous bowling ball in a bed of perennial plants.  It now shines as garden art, much like a reflecting sphere.  Strike!  So far it has not been discovered by any garden prowlers with a passion for bowling….



8 thoughts on “Bowling in the Garden

  1. Johanne, I love your blog!!!! This really made me smile! Such a great idea to bring out something special that was hidden for all these years and it looks good too!

    • Thanks so much Joanne! I am glad you are enjoying the blogs and I appreciate the feedback. A little bird told me there is a bowling ball in your family that is however still in use! 🙂

  2. You just totally made my day with this one! This has got to be THE PINNACLE of creative thinking!!!!! It’s perfect! The color is gorgeous, and it’s better than a gazing ball in that it can’t get broken quite so easily!!!

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