Snow Pea Covered Vase DIY Flower Arrangement

imageThis darling flower arrangement is just as sweet as the new crop of peas!  It is super easy to make and very charming.

To make it, you will need:

snow peas

a flared vase or glass that is the height of the peas;  I used a disposable plastic glass

flowers of one color:  I used white azaleas but daisies, chamomile blooms, or  Sweet William would also be good choices

elastic band

twine or decorative ribbonimage

Directions:  Place your elastic band around your vase.  imageStart placing the peas under the elastic band, overlapping them as you work.  When you have covered your vase, tie your decorative ribbon or twine to conceal the elastic. image Fill with water and place your flowers so that they rest just above the top level of the peas, cutting their stems accordingly.  Voilà!   You can eat the peas once the flowers have faded.  A trio of these would look adorable on a luncheon table.  These arrangements are small enough that they could also be made for each place setting at your table.  Send me pictures of your own creations!  Happy Spring!


6 thoughts on “Snow Pea Covered Vase DIY Flower Arrangement

  1. I’ll be pinning this, and I’m going to give it a whirl soon! Snow peas are expensive here in the Midwest, though, so I may have to go with a different legume or vegetable!

    • Snow peas are pricey here too but you can eat them after the arrangement fades! You could try it with snap peas when in season. They may be unruly a bit and not lay flat but a bit of glue could help but they could not be eaten. I was thinking of creating a vase covering with rhubarb for color but mine did not have much pink. That might work when it is in season….with bright pink blooms! I know you will take the concept, Alycia-fy it, and blown me away with your creativity!

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  2. Johanne, beautifully flowers always!!!! Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Good Morning, How is everyone doing? It’s surely been a while, we’re just now able to access our e-mail, and you’re the first person I’m talking to. But firstly, let me say congratulations to you guys on Tristan successful completion of High School!! you must been so proud of him, please do enjoy tomorrow. Secondly, Happy Belated Mothers Day!!! I’ve not been able to access my e-mail for a while, because our new phone company here has been doing a lot of up grades to the system, resulting in our services being interrupted, with drop calls and internet not working. I must read all my e-mails today, not sure how look the internet will be up. Please take care and enjoy you time today and may God blessed you guys always! My best,Bernadette PS. James sends his best and we look forward to seeing you guys next year at Megan’s commencement ceremony 2015.

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