Hello Gorgeous! 3 ways to Showcase Hellebores

imageHellebores are one of the first flowers to bravely emerge in early spring, often pushing through frozen ground.  Even before snowdrops or crocuses, they burst through with new life to bring a thrill to the late winter/early spring garden.  The beauty of these small blooms is often overlooked because of their drooping habit.  The flowers have evolved with the heads down to defend themselves against the elements hence protecting their pollen.  Because of their growing habit, they often go underappreciated except by avid gardeners who prize and collect them.  imageimageThe best way to appreciate the intricacy of their design is to crawl beneath a clump and view these darling drooping star-shaped flowers from below, or by gently lifting their heads to admire them.  These subtle flowers are deer proof and will naturalize, multiplying year after year in the garden.  They require little maintenance although I cut off their winter foliage to better see the flowers.  They provide ground cover through all the seasons.  There is so much to love about these flowers.image

Hellebores are commonly known as Lenten Roses( H orientalis) since they bloom around the start of Lent in the Christian calendar, or Christmas Roses(H niger).  They are native to Europe.  They are hardy in zones 5-9, although H niger can tolerate zone 3.  They are from the same family as clematis and peonies:  Ranunculaceae or the buttercup family.

Using hellebores in floral arrangements is not easy.  They often get lost because of their tendency to flop down.  Propping them against other flowers can help and so can wiring them with florist wire.  The best and simplest way in my opinion to use them as cut flowers is to reduce their stem to 1/2 inch and float them in water.  This allows one to see them closely to appreciate their intricate beauty.

With more than 20 species in a multitude of colors from mauve, cream, yellow, crimson, black, purple, wine and peach, their versatility in arrangements is boundless.  In my garden I grow more common varieties in purple, cream, green-pink and in this blog, I’ve presented 3 ways to display them in floating arrangements.


Here I have floated several blooms in a shallow art glass dish.  Spectacular!



For a stunning dinner party centerpiece, consider floating hellebores in a silver punch bowl with floating candles illuminating your table, as I have done here, or in any other vessel of your choosing.


Arranging a few blooms in a stemmed etched glass compote makes a pretty display in a powder room or on a nightstand.


I hope you have gained a new appreciation for the subtle but spectacular beauty of hellebores.  Hello Gorgeous, indeed!


12 thoughts on “Hello Gorgeous! 3 ways to Showcase Hellebores

  1. When I received your new post via e-mail “Hello Gorgeous” I thought you were talking to me…..ha ha ha!!!!! You know that I’m just kidding!!!
    This is just another one of your wonderful ideas that I will put to use. I plan to decorate my Easter Dinner Table Setting Centerpiece using your idea of floating candles with Flowers.
    Thanks again for your unending inspiration!!!!!

  2. Once again, you have inspired me! Since the hellebores are deer resistant, I might even plant some! You first introduced me to hellebores years ago on a garden tour and I have looked forward to them blooming ever since. I love how you showed them off. Gorgeous pictures, as always!

  3. Each season at Chanticleer, you would draw my attention to these shy flowers with their heads facing the ground and fawn over them. With your expressive words and vision today, I too can appreciate their beauty. They are nothing short of spectacular in the ways you have presented them floating. The blue glass dish arrangement is my favorite and the elegant display with the candles is such a romantic idea for dinner for two. Who needs a party? Thank you!

  4. Gorgeous, Johanne! My father was an inspired gardener and we loved our Christrosen, as we called them. You not only displayed them to their best advantage but also brought back dear memories of a long ago time in Germany.

      • We are so close to the Sea that we used to have more moderate temperatures (and it never snowed in Bremen) so they actually bloomed at Christmas or shortly thereafter.

      • Wonderful! There are parts if this country where Christrosen would also bloom at Christmas, hence their names, but not in PA! Where I grew up, it was garden zone 1a….no hellebores there! A foot of snow yesterday!

        Sent from my iPad

  5. Absolutely gorgeous, Johanna. Inspiring idea how to show them off. I can now leave my Easter egg basket in the closet and put these lovely flowers on display!

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