DIY: Transforming An Ice-Cream Parlor Chair Into a Flower Planter

imageTransforming a cast-off chair into a flower planter is an easy and fun project.  With yard and garage sales gearing up, now is the time to be on the look-out for a metal chair to repurpose.  My classic ice-cream parlor chair was taken off a friend’s hands when she no longer had any use for it.  Another’s man’s treasure!

First, remove the plywood seat.  If your chair needs repainting, sand any flaking old paint.  Spray paint with Rust Oleum in the new color. I painted mine black.image  Select an insert that will fit in the chair’s seat opening.  I used a black metal hanging basket fitted with a cocoa liner for mine.image image  Fill your planter with your choice of flowers.  I love mine bursting  with pansies in early spring, and even though we had a light snowfall just yesterday, I couldn’t wait any longer and got out in the garden today.  I created a spring vignette at my back stoop to cheer me on as I begin the arduous yard clean-up from this devastating winter.  Happy Spring! image imageimage


6 thoughts on “DIY: Transforming An Ice-Cream Parlor Chair Into a Flower Planter

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