Forcing Spring Indoors

As this winter continues to outlive its welcome, I need some sign that spring is coming!    It’s time to wake up my winter-weary home and bring some flowering happiness indoors. Inspired by two birthday outings last week to the orchid extravaganza at Longwood Gardens and to the Philadelphia Flower Show that did my soul a world of good, I created a spring tableau at home.


(Orchids at Longwood Gardens.  Photo courtesy of my talented friend Pam)


( Dazzling giant sphere of roses surrounded by a crown of pussy willows at the Philadelphia Flower Show)

At Longwoods garden I saw many displays where bunches of bulbs were featured in glass vessels.    I loved this concept as it allowed one to see the forced bulbs bloomIng.   I got 2 glass hurricanes, filled with bulbs, sitting in an inch of water and a delicate nest of straw.   I wrapped the base in a moss-woven natural ribbon I had bought years ago, to introduce another organic layer that would still allow me to see the bulbs.imageimageThe Flower Show theme is Articulture this year and I created my vignette with one of my abstract paintings in the background. On a woven linen runner,  I centered a gorgeous planter of orchids, a birthday gift,  flanked it with the tulips, added a bird nest found in the garden, a bunch of pussy willows…and spring is truly in the air!

imageI hope to have inspired you to bring some flowering happiness into your world!

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