Bird-day Cake: This icy confection is for the birds!


As many of us are trying to keep our sanity during this long  brutal winter, I switched gears and went out to play in the snow!   I had a picture of this project ripped out of a magazine 15 years ago but never never got around to making it.   I guess back then I would have had 3 little guys to build this with me but hélas, they are grown men and the fun was all mine!  I was inspired to finally create this when I was greeted by chirping birds when getting the mail in freezing weather.   My garden has many berry shrubs to provide food for our feathered friends but as we brace for another storm, I thought putting out extra food would be precautionary.

To build, select 3 containers of graduated sizes, with flat bottoms and fill them with water.  Set them outside to freeze.

Image Once frozen, unmold them and set them on either cardboard or a disposable cloth and build your “cake”.  Have fun decorating it with votive candles, small containers to hold additional birdseed and sprinkle birdseed all over the tiers.  Come indoors, make yourself a cup of hot tea, coffee or cocoa and watch your feathered friends discover your creation, and put on a show!

image image

This is a perfect project to make with little ones.  It would be a fun activity for the upcoming Presidents’ Day Weekend, or for a family fun day.   It could also make a whimsical winter birthday present for a bird-loving friend or a zero-calorie birthday cake for waistline-watching gardening friend.  Vary the size to suit your needs or to adapt to your container sizes.

Happy Bird-day!

“I don’t feed the birds because they need me, I feed the birds because I need them.”

Kathi Hutton


8 thoughts on “Bird-day Cake: This icy confection is for the birds!

  1. Bird Day Cake for the Birds……I’m so glad that you’re my friend; otherwise, I would never be exposed to such wonderful and creative ideas. I did make the marabou wreath for Millie and I also made one for my Mom. My Mother absolutely loves hers. I showed her your blog and my parents think that you are really one amazing woman! They are RIGHT!!!!! Enjoy your Bird Watching! Love, Kathy Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2014 11:01:49 +0000 To:

    • And I am blessed to have YOU as my friend! I thought of you as I made this “cake” with your winter birthday! Please send me pictures of your wreaths! Love, Jo xo PS I have over 2,000 readers in 27 countires so far! Amazing

  2. I can imagine your back yard when the birds pass the word to come feast. What a celebration of nature and beauty to behold. Congrats on sharing another cleaver idea.

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