Winter Welcome: A tutorial for making a white and silver winter wreath

imageOne of my fondest childhood memories of Northern Canadian winters is marvelling at the sparkle of freshly fallen snow. I especially loved the serenity of snow under the cover of darkness.  Up north, the days are short in winter and the nightfall comes early.image

As much as we love Christmas in  my family, we are the house stripped clean of all holiday decorations on New Year’s day.  I always found it a challenge to find a wreath for the front entrance post-holiday that did not still seem to be a vestige of Christmas.  I’ve tried skates imagewith woolen mittens, wreaths with all red berries and greens with natural elements, but they all still screamed leftover Christmas to me.  Unable to find anything ready-made, my childhood memories sparked inspiration to bring snow and sparkle to our front porch and create a snowy tableau.


8 inch styrofoam wreath form(JoAnn’s)

white marabou feather boa(to mimick fur)(JoAnn’s)

1 yd of braided silver metallic cord(JoAnn’s)

2 glitter styrofoam snowflake ornaments(boutique in Lancaster, Pa)


Secure one end of the cord with a straight pin into the styrofoam.  Wrap the marabou boa around the wreath form, evenly distributing to cover the whole form, imageand secure the end  directly into the foam with a straight pin.   Tape the end of the ribbon to prevent fraying, then pin a snowflake to each end of the cord with additional traight pins. imageSimply drape the cord over the wreath, offsetting the snowflakes. image The  January wind will gently sway the snowflakes and ruffle the feathers, imitating falling snow.image

To continue the wintry theme,  I filled the planters flanking our front door with a combination of tall branches coated with silver glitter(Michaels’) and others flocked with “snow”(Michaels). image   You can easily spray your own if you can’t find similar ones.  I finished the look with striped wire- edge ribbons in black and white and nestled upcycled Christmas ornament silver birds into the branches.  image

Like a quiet, serene walk in snowy woods, welcome to our winter home!image


A loyal reader in Canada, put her own spin on this wreath and created this beauty:



6 thoughts on “Winter Welcome: A tutorial for making a white and silver winter wreath

  1. Johanne, What a wonderful and timely post. I started forwarding them to my mother. She is just amazed! Lynne

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