From Supermarket to Sensational: Pointsettia Topiary Tutorial

I cannot tell a lie:  I am not a fan of pointsettias.  A pointsettia topiary however, gets my gardener’s heart beating a little faster.  I love bringing natural elements in my holiday decor and the lowly pointsettia lends itself perfectly to a Cinderella transformation.image

Here is what you will need for this project:

1 pointsettia plantimage

a garden urn or planter


newspaper and pruners

2 yards of double-sided ribbon, about 1 in wide

small ornaments or beads

Working on newspaper, clip off all green leaves and any flowers which are growing laterally,  preserving only the top flowers.  The milky white sap which will bleed out will stop on its own.

image  Place the plant in your urn.  Starting from the base and gathering the stems closely together as you work, criss-cross your ribbon upwards and tie into a bow just beneath the flowers.

imageCover the soil with reindeer moss and scatter a few mini-ornaments or beads on top for added sparkle. Water your topiary as you would a regular pointsettia.


Your pointsettia topiary will last the whole holiday season and will bring natural beauty into your holiday decor.  A supermarket staple transformed into a spectacular centerpiece! Cheap, clever and chic.

6 thoughts on “From Supermarket to Sensational: Pointsettia Topiary Tutorial

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