Bonjour Beaujolais!

Today is Beaujolais Nouveau Day all over the world. The only date on the entire wine calendar that is consistent year to year is the arrival of Beaujolais Nouveau. By French Law, at exactly 12:01am local time, on the third Thursday of November, the French government allows the sale of this year’s young harvest.  Beaujolais is a red wine produced from Gamay grapes from the Beaujolais region of eastern France, neighboring Burgundy and north of Rhone, great wine neighbors.   It is fermented for just a few weeks before it is bottled.image

Beaujolais is a purple-pink wine reflecting its youth, bottled 6-8 weeks after harvest, hence the “nouveau” in its name.  There is very little tannin and it has a lovely light fruity overtone.  It is intended for immediate consumption and it will not improve with age.  It won’t go bad if not consumed right away however.  Because it is a light wine, it pairs easily with most foods like cheese, pastas and grilled meats.  It is even perfect to serve with traditional Thanksgiving fare next week.

So gather up some friends for an impromptu tasting of Beaujolais this weekend.  A simple platter of cheese and crackers are all that is needed for a French soirée.  Your friends will be thrilled to be tasting the very first offering of Beaujolais Nouveau of the year!

This wine is best served slightly chilled at 55F.

A votre santé!


Rustic-Meets-Refined Beaujolais Nouveau Tasting:  a Tablescape Tutorial

For our little wine tasting soirée, I used a purple velvet throw as a tablecloth.  It is unexpected and its rich luxurious texture creates an ambiance for our gathering.  For a centerpiece perfect for a wine tasting I filled an old wooden wine crate with hydrangeas cut straight from the garden.  These have dried on the branch and will not require water.  They are of a gorgeous bronze color which complements the purple of the table cover.  Easy, natural and rustic.  If you don’t have a wine crate a woven basket or a galvanized steel bucket could be substituted to achieve a similar rustic feel to your tablescape.image

My piece de resistance and one of my most treasured possession is the natural platter made by my youngest son from a tree slice.

imageIts live edges add to the rustic feel of this composition.  Similar platters can be purchased.   Mine was cut on an angle which displays food nicely.  It will soon be loaded up with cheese, crackers, fruit and meats.imageimageCoral your red wine glasses on a tray, add some candlelight, uncork your wine and your Beaujolais Nouveau wine and cheese soirée is ready to start!  An elegant and rustic party ready in no time at all.


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