Apples-by-Candlelight Tablescape

Just in time for fall entertaining is an inspiration tablescape using apples.  The centerpiece is simple, whimsical with rustic appeal and best of all, it can be created days in advance!


To make the centerpiece, fill a low rustic container with apples.  I used a rectangular wooden vessel that I centered over a textured linen runner.  Select a few apples to carve out and add a votive candle to, instructions below.  Mine  was made 3 days in advance and the apples had not turned brown.  You can add a squeeze of lemon to the cut surface of the apple for extra insurance. Just light your harvest centerpiece and sit back to enjoy your guests’ delight. Run a few branches of bittersweet around the apples for dimension, texture, color and interest.

Apples by candlelight in 3 easy steps:




An apple with a Kraft paper leaf serves as a placecard with each guest’s name inscribed on the leaf.  If you’re lucky enough to have apples with their leaves still attached, just incribe names on the leaves with a gold marker.  The silverware is simply tied in a casual bundle with twine and a sprig of bittersweet. Plaid linens and casual dishes suit the fall theme.


A variation on this theme is to float the candle holding apples in a punchbowl or other container to which you have added water and spices such as star anise.  This will give you a more formal presentation of the apples and the fragrance of the anise will infuse the air with the scent of fall.



Thank you for joining me at my apple themed harvest table today.  I hope to have inspired you to give apples the center of attention at one of your future gatherings.

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