Bittersweet Romance

There ought to be a bumper sticker that reads: ” I brake for bittersweet”.  This time of year finds me driving around with my pruners on the lookout for bittersweet growing on the roadside.  Sure you can buy it at farmers’markets and florists’ but a small bunch goes for about $12 and is too tame for my taste.  I like mine wild! image

Bittersweet spells fall as much as mums and gourds and it’s a lot of fun to forage for it.  The sculptural nature lends itself well to many applications.  In about 5 minutes I created a whimsical wreath for a garden bench with some simple florist wire.image

i cut an unruly mess of it to plop on top of a porch planter to replace spent annuals for a big cheerful welcome.image

i weave it through potted mums for added texture.image

It adds a burst of color to porch lanterns.

imageInside it is tamed into a quiet tableau.image

If you don’t have a source of wild bittersweet or just prefer to do without the mess(they can stain linens), silk versions can achieve the same effect.

But I’m not the only one romancing this vine.  My friend Sarah let this beauty shine alone like a sculpture on her family room table.


Are you romancing the vine yet?

4 thoughts on “Bittersweet Romance

  1. LOVE bittersweet! I’ve never seen it growing around here, though. I just buy mine at the wholesale floral place. It’s crazy to work with, but it looks SO GOOD!!!

    Thanks for the idea about the wreath. I’ll pass it along to my Mom.

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